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Daryl Hannah’s Life With Autism
When Daryl Hannah was a child she was diagnosed borderline autistic, doctors did not know much about the condition and wanted to put Daryl in an institution (A&E). Her mother refused to be separated from her daughter and took Daryl out of school for a year (A&E).
Autism is a complex brain disorder which makes it difficult with social interaction (Autism Speaks). Some people with autism excel in visual skills, music, math, art (Autism Speaks). Autism is diagnosed within the first three years of life. Some signs of a child having autism are if they do not say there first word by age sixteen months or two word phrases by age two years and loss of language skills previously acquired (NINDS). Children may make poor eye
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Daryl has been made fun of all her life, even after high school (Sheather). Now people leave mean comments on social media pictures and accuse her of getting plastic surgery (Sheather). Daryl says that aging is all part of life, even though she has wrinkles, she does not have scars from plastic surgery and she is glad she has family to back her up on that (Sheather). Daryl is an active environmentalist, has her own website and hosts her own weekly video blog about how to make the world a better place. Daryl Hannah announced she had autism two years ago, in 2013, She has fought a private battle with the autism disorder for years.
Autism has affected Daryl Hannah’s life for years, when she was a child she would get bullied and she could not make a lot of friends because she was so shy. She got her dream job as an actress which made her more of a target for bullying and she would get made fun of because of her looks over the internet, Daryl still did what she loved and made movies no matter how much people judged
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