The Importance Of Data Analysis

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Data analysis is the process by which we obtain answers to questions based on the interpretation of the data. Data is collected from various sources, which provide the researcher with valuable information. Through proper examination of the data, the researcher is able to answer questions relating to interest, and later evaluating, summarizing and communicating the results. This analytical method helps to shine light to relevant topics, and issues that are at focus. Data analysis is crucial for understanding results from a survey, administrative sources and pilot studies. Without carefully analyzing the information collected, the researcher cannot link the sources and draw a final conclusion. Therefore, analysis of the data has to be done with…show more content…
Some methods include the use of interviews, questionnaires, surveys, online research, and offline sources. This includes the utilization of books, articles, and studying previously done research. The best way to get information from the selected audience is through a survey. Surveys include a wide range of questions; answers depend and vary from individual to individual and/or experiments. Based on the information, data has to be put together in order to determine the relevance and usefulness of the information collected. Data obtained from a survey can be used for both descriptive and analytical studies. The information obtained from the research tools have to be valid. Validity exists when the data actually measures what they are supposed to represent. If the data fails to do so, it is misleading and should be neglected. Reviewing the data allows the researcher to avoid any errors and secondary data, which may be irrelevant to the study. Some research tools, such as surveys may be incomplete. The individuals filling them out may not understand a question or provide inadequate answers due to lack of knowledge. Therefore it is very important for researchers to select an appropriate audience; individuals who are able to relate to the study and the experiment. The next phase involves data editing, researchers have to go back and review the raw data.…show more content…
Data entry refers to the creation of a new computer file that holds raw data obtained from questionnaires deemed suitable. Data bases make it easier for a researcher to compare results and draw conclusions. Some data bases which are used by researchers include, ABI Inform, Academic Search, Articles Plus, Web of Science and PubMed. These are only a few which can be used; there are many different kinds of data bases used by researchers. In order to place the information on the data base, it has to be coded. Coding refers to assigning a code to each possible response; the code is usually a number. The code includes an indication of the column position and gives value to the response. Once the data is logged onto the computer it is possible to interpret the

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