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If every company had its own dedicated server room this would take up a lot time not to mention the cost of hardware and software is expensive, they would need personnel to take care of the server rooms, scalability of the services would be difficult as the business grows and the availability of data might not always be there. That is why data centres are important, data centres provide remote storage which means less stress on having to store data in house and cheaper than buying your own hardware/software. Data processing is made easier since there is personnel working around the clock to insure that data is accessed and stored. Scalability of services is made simple because data centres have tones of storage space can always adjust according to their customer’s needs. Data distributing is made easy as well.

Design and planning for high availability of data in the data centre
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Below is a diagram of what a good data centre looks likes. Main Components: An efficient data centre will poses of different IT equipment, including cables to connect all equipment to each other, routers and firewalls, network switches, servers which are stored in physical racks and these physical racks are also used to organize and interconnect the IT equipment as well as storage subsystems.
Location: Choosing a certain location is much suitable and preferred to other locations based on a multitude of criteria. Suitability of the political environment, This include geographic location, seismic and meteorological stability since we wouldn’t want to a place which is fond to natural disasters, access to roads and airports so it easy to travel to and from the data centre, There is need for availability of energy and

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