Data Mining In Healthcare Industry

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Health care industries are fastest growing field. The medical industries have massive amount of collected works about patient details, diagnosis and medications. Data mining approaches are utilized in health care industries to turns these data is into valuable pattern and to predicting coming up trends. The healthcare industry brings together vast amount of healthcare data which are not “mined” to discover unseen information. To achieve good quality of service, the healthcare industries should provide better diagnosis and treatment to the patients.

Data Mining is one of the most fundamental and inspiring area of research with the objective of finding significant information from huge data sets.
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Visualization techniques are used to help users to understand the data mining results.
Data Mining Process
The data mining methods are used for extracting patterns from data in KDD process. The patterns that can be rendering depend upon the applied data mining tasks . in general, there are two types of data mining tasks: descriptive data mining tasks that explain the common properties of the existing data, and predictive data mining tasks that challenge to do predictions based on available data. Data mining can be done on textual, quantitative or multimedia data. Data mining applications can use different kind of parameters to monitor the data. They include association (patterns where one event is related to another event), sequence or path analysis (patterns where one event leads to another event), classification (identification of new patterns with predefined targets) and clustering (grouping of identical or alike objects).Data mining involves some of the following key steps:
(1) Problem definition: The first step is to discover goals. Based on the defined goal, the correct series of tools can be applied to the data to build the corresponding behavioral
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These methods are useful in identifying diseases and providing proper therapy for the same. [6]
S. Nagaparameshwara intend to evaluate different methods of data mining in applications to build up accurate decisions and also presents a detailed discussion of medical data mining techniques can get better approachs of clinical predictions [7]
Priyanka Vijay Pawar, MeghaSakharamWalunj, PallaviChitte Talked Apriori algorithm is used to find frequent data items and compared them with the existing algorithms, how data mining techniques can be applied on medical data which has abundant scope to improve health solutions,how electronic health records and other historical medical data can prove miracles if used for a right purpose,how huge amounts of complex data generated by health care sector includes details about diseases, patients, diagnosis methods, electronic patient’s details hospitals

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