Data Room Risk Assessment Paper

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Securing the data center room from unauthorized access. Physical security to the data room can be broken down into three main parts: Mechanical, which covers, locks, access entry systems, security cameras and intrusion alarm system; Operational, which includes security staff and procedures for assigning access to the data room; Finally, natural which covers basic security philosophies including property definition and access control (Maurer, 2002). A thorough review of the physical building layout will need to be conducted to identify all possible entry points into the data room. It is recommended that security cameras with 24x7 recording be installed at all entry points to the data room. In addition, all the entry doors with access to the data room will need dual factor electronic access systems install. An example would be prox card entry with security pin to unlock the doors. Along with electronic security access into the data room, a security staff will need to be formed that will be responsible for monitoring the data room and manage assigning access into the data room.
Internal Server and Desktop Security Policies A risk assessment will need to be conducted in order to identify all locations where sensitive and classified information is …show more content…

A firewall system will need to be deployed that will block all outside networks to the internal company network. Primary purpose of a firewall is to block outside cyber criminals from being able to scan for network vulnerabilities (Keist, 2015). In order to be more proactive in defending against external threats, an intrusion detection system (IDS) is recommended along with the company firewall. An IDS provides live monitoring of all network activity and can generate alarms on any suspicious activities, providing administrators more time to respond to active attacks on the network (Boyle & Panko,

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