Data Science Personal Statement Examples

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I am a climber, to be precise, I am an explorer. When I look into my academic career closely, I also see the same me here, the same exploring nature. I am that kind of person who is keen to explore my surrounding problems and try to make an effort to solve those. I am really lucky that I have got the chance to complete my undergrad from BUET, the best engineering university in Bangladesh. It was the beginning of my senior year, when I was first introduced to machine learning, through the course Artificial Intelligence (CSE 401), which subsequently helped me to get acquainted with its manifold applications in data science. My first project was to implement a “Medical diagnostic system” with the help of supervised learning. This was the time when I realized how much helpful will data science be on pursuing my goal of solving social problems. I also worked on an interesting project on data science, titled “Data Clustering on Academic Data”. This project was focused on analyzing a big student dataset to predict the student behavior, their academic prospect, result evaluation. Besides these two, numerous projects on data mining, closer to our real life have turned me to a thirsty learner to learn more about Data Science. After completion of my undergrad life, I decided to join a company where I can get the chance to work with huge…show more content…
I feel extensive passion for Data Mining. The whole world is approaching towards Machine Learning and I strongly believe this is the era of Data Mining. My goal is straight and simple; I want to apply my experience on the advancement of Estonia’s ongoing tech revolution by joining any of the giant software company there after my master’s. My country, Bangladesh, is a developing country with a high potential to reach its peak in social and technological development. So, in future, I intend to use my expertise to improve the situation of my country
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