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Datawarehouser: A Data Warehouse artist who have ability to understand data warehouse schema pictures Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars Doctor of Computer Science Bina Nusantara University Jakarta, Indonesia Richard Randriatoamanana Institut de Calcul Intensif Ecole Centrale de Nantes Nantes, France Abstract—This paper lists basic knowledge requirement to become a data warehouse artist which should have basic data warehouse knowledge in order to understand a data warehouse schema picture as a similarity when a picture or painting artist see an artwork. This paper does not discuss about data warehouse personal such as data warehouse development advisor, data warehouse consultant,…show more content…
Moreover, artist can be used loosely or metaphorically to denote highly skilled people in any non-art activities [3]. Obviously, the word of artist does not only entitle to people who relates to art, but beyond that artist is a person who expert in their fields and make their activity as an artwork. The term of Datawarehouser refers to other art subject such as painter in painting art and carver in sculpture art. Thus, Datawarehouser is a data warehouse artist who can understand database pictures and particularly data warehouse schema pictures, spend a lot time in front of those pictures and enjoy to see…show more content…
At a glance, people will think figure 1 as star schema with 1 fact table and 5 dimension tables. However, it is fact constellation schema where there are 5 fact tables and 1 dimension table such as Wgrade, Wjadkul, Wdata1, Waktif, WIPS and WPRODI respectively. Moreover, except wjadkul table, other dimension tables such as Wgrade, Wdata1, Waktif and WIPS have one (1) to ‘one or many’ (1..*) multiplicity, where each of record/tuple in fact tables connect to one (1) record/tuple in WPRODI dimension table. On other hand, one record/tuple in WPRODI dimension table has connection to one or many (1..*) records/tuples in fact

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