Assignment 1: Database Security And Administration

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I. Meaning of Database Security and Administration
Database Security is the ability that involves protecting, securing and controlling of data stored in the database against an unauthorized access towards data. Database security provides methods that control data stored in the database against outside intrusion and unauthorized.
Database Administration is the method of controlling the database so that the database user can access, retrieve, update, delete and alter data from the database. The person who controls who can access which part of the database is called a Database Administrator. The database administrators is responsible for installing and improving, modify the database structure, backup and recovery of the database.
Database Security and
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Roles of the Database Management System
The Database Management Systems provides many roles towards managing and controlling the Database. Among of the roles provided by the Database Management Systems are as follows:
1. The Database Management Systems facilitate easy management of data since data of the same category are always stored together. The Database Management Systems facilitate data security, through the access control provided to individual on which data should be accessed by which group. Example Managerial data in the bank should be accessed by Bank Managers, Customers Account Information should be accessed by Customers and Bank Accountants, IT information should be accessed by Information Technologist Personnel.
2. The Database Management System minimizes data inconsistence .In database data inconsistence is removed by the primary key, the primary key enable data to be recorded once without being duplicated several time in the database tables.
3. The Database Management System improves decision making within an organization where by each individual gives his or her views and later all views are collected and analyzed through and later final decision is

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