Database Management System Advantages And Disadvantages

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The database systems and its database become an important element of life in the present-day society. The greater part of it is that some people experience a few activities each day that includes the interaction using a database. For instance, on the off chance that someone visits the bank to withdraw or deposit some cash. Making an online reservation for a hotel and airline accommodation. Using the library catalog of the library to look for a particular book, magazine, or any archives. Make an online purchase through online selling websites called "Electronic commerce". Going to the supermarket to buy few items in which the data is automatically retrieved in their database management system which hold the list and the remaining inventory of their items. From the sample scenarios given involves the use of a database management systems (DBMS) which is a computer software that helps to access a particular data through a database.
Information and data are the two factors that lead the world as these ideas have a critical impact on a regular day to day existence. In a previous couple of years, the progress in technology promotes to an energizing new
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It controls data duplication. The old database systems have their own files which happen to be duplicated from the same data. While the modern DBMS won't accept same data that can cause data duplication in the system. It allows the sharing of data to authorized personnel only within the organization. For example, the admin of the company will only give access to the database if they belong to the on the accounting department to generate payroll reports and other calculations of the company. It helps to maintain the consistency and integrity of the data. It protects data from vulnerabilities as well as the backup and recovery in case of emergency and unnecessary events occur such as fire, earthquake, and other

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