Database Security Research Paper

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Mareena Sahoo Janvi Tanwani Prachi Soni

ABSTRACT: Database security is one of the most essential challenges in today’s world that the people are going through. In the research of traditional database, security is supposed to be authentic. The aim is to achieve security from the outside intruders and probably also against the user trying to access the personal information apart from their authorization. In this paper we discuss the problem of attaining security in an ambience where the database is not fully dependable,
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Now a days every organization has automated their systems of information by handling the database with personal or any type of secret information. So, with these type of crucial and sensitive data, security and privacy issues becomes necessary.

Now the question arises that what is database security and how it can be achieved? Protecting the private and personal data saved in any archive is known as database security. It deals with securing the database from intruders and illegal actions. The organisation that has good amount of data also demands for good security. This can be done by following the properties of security for database. The major properties of database security are: 1) confidentiality 2) integrity and 3)availability. Fig1. depicts the major properties for database security. Fig. 1 Properties of DB Security

As we know, confidentiality gives rise to the concept of data hiding. It shares a part of data to the outside world and the rest of the things remain hidden. Integrity refers that the data should not be corrupted or contaminated at any cost. Availability means that within the time period we should be able to get the
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Access control tells which user may get access to the system and later which set of data can be accessed by the user for reading or writing purpose. Flow control balances the circulation of values of sets of data that can be accessed by the users. Inference control looks after the statistical information in the databases blocking the querier from taking the abstract information by posing correctly designed array of statistical problems and relating the results. Cryptographic flow control deals with data encryption which prevents unauthorized users to access the data. If any user wants to access the data then he have to decrypt it by using a key.

Another method has been opted for securing and protecting the databases. It has been observed that to make the databases secure different rules at organization level can be implemented. Data or information is always a big and important asset for any organization whose security cannot be negotiated. In different information security layers area unit outlined shown in figure 2 below. These layers are: information administrator, computer user, security officer, developers and worker. For every layer some
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