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The date farmers are among some of the artists that feature unique pieces of work. This might be attributable to the fact that their art is unique. According to Tewksbury, the Date Farmers are a duo that consists of Carlos Ramirez and Armando Lemma. They both originate from a small town in Sonoran called Indio, in the Coachella valley. While Ramirez used to work in a date farm, Lerma’s father owned a date farm. The two artists have individual pieces of art and collaborated pieces of arts. The artists met at a gallery and shared their life experience. The two artists are both Chicano Americans. They have lived with natives from Mexico and America. Their pieces of arts reflect the two cultures, combining the two into fun sculptural works of art (Date farmers ). Their art is characteristic of house paint, strip club fliers, sparkly stickers, wheat paste, corrugated metal siding, and hand drawn images of nature from their hometowns.
A look at their gallery clearly shows the fusion of Mexican and American culture. Personally, I got to like one piece of art. The image painted on metallic bowl like object. It is painted
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Precisely, I did not like the piece of art named “Big Fish”. The art is drawn on metal, a piece of iron sheet. There is a big fish drawn on it. It looks like a shark with a grey shade, lighter at the bottom and darker at the top/ back. However, it is above water as the blue part is beneath it and it is on a white background. It does not look it has jumped; rather it is like it is floating on air. The image is confusing, disproportionate, and not balanced. It looks like something a kid can do if told to paint. There are some triangular shapes, one just above the head of the shark in an upright position and a smaller one just above its back which is inverted. There is also a star at the top left of the image. These signs were not easy to deconstruct just like the image in

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