Dating Relationships In Older Adulthood Essay

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Bria S Grissom
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1. Families are relationships of people who live together and care for any young children, if any, and think of each other as one unit. Sociologists believe families are essential to the growth of children and are the most significant because growth starts from the home and even before children are born; the family is prepping for the arrival of their new baby. The way a child is raised will greatly determine the kind of individual the child will grow up to be, and although other outside factors, such as school and work, may have an impression, the impact is not as strong as the family.
Traditional nuclear families are anything but [traditional] these days. For example, my family consists of me, my wife, and our dog. We both work and maintain the bills and household. My mother is married to my stepfather, and they had my sister. Before I moved out, that was my nuclear family. In the 1950s, the traditional (heterosexual) family was a
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The article Dating Relationships in Older Adulthood: A National Portrait was written by Susan L. Brown, and Sayaka K. Shinohara. The general question of the article was primarily who (what kind of person) is dating later in life, and what is making someone date later on in life. The research hasn’t been done since the early 2000s, and so these authors/researchers decided it was time with the number of unmarried individuals rising. Previous works focused mainly on women and widows, and were long in-depth interviews on why they hadn’t been married or remarried. New research focuses on men and women, individuals dating and those who aren’t to show the differences, using the 2005-06 NSHAP’s data as a starting point, generating a national portrait of older daters. Characteristics, health and resources were main focuses for both daters and non-daters and the difference was shown from today and when research was done the years prior. The two used interviews, a questionnaire and a bio measures
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