Dating Scene In Thailand Analysis

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Gay Dating Scene in Thailand

Regarding the local population, Thailand is one of the most gay-friendly destinations in Asia. The Thailand population is so warm and accepting of foreigners that being gay is rarely an issue. Every year there are thousands of gay tourists coming to Bangkok for gay parties during different festivals and Songkran (Thai New Year). There are many gay and gay-friendly bars and clubs (especially when compared to much larger Asian cities).

You will encounter a wide variety of options to meet new friends and potential significant others in this country as long as you maintain an open mind. Thais are renowned for their warmth and hospitality—which is the reason behind its moniker, the Land of Smiles. Their easygoing nature makes it all the easier to relate even to new acquaintances.

Here are some facts about the gay dating scene in Thailand you need to know:

1. Locals find a hard time to maintain relationship
Thailand is considered to be the most accepting country in gay dating. Because of its easy lifestyle, warm weather and hospitality, it has long been attracting gay tourists from all over the world to visit and even live in the country. For local Thai guys, in general, they are very familiar with the concept of dating foreigners. Due to the tourism industry boom, you will also come across with a lot of different gay services for tourists: gay massage, go-go bars, gay clubs, gay saunas, gay hotels. Thailand is still predominately a developing

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