Daughter Of Invention Analysis

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When coming to a place that is strange or foreign it is hard to adapt quickly and be able to live as one of the natives. After a while it becomes easier as if a person lived in that particular place their whole lives, but a person begins to either lose the site of where they came from, tried to forget the life they once had or hold on to the past that still haunt them. In the story Daughter of Invention by Julia Alvarez is about an immigrant family who left the Dominican Republic because of the dictatorship that was happening over there. So they came to America in order to start a new life but adapting to a new life in America was tough for all of them just in their own way. Even though it was tough the main character Cukita and her parents…show more content…
He adapted to America okay but he still wanted to go back and lived in fear each day. Her father would always sit in his bed reading the Dominican Republic newspaper and seeing what is happening over there. It was numerous times when he thought that the country was getting better and the dictatorship is almost over. The Culkita tells the readers, “I would have realized my father had lost brothers and comrades to the dictator Trujillo. For the rest of his life, he would be haunted by blood in the streets and late night disappearances. Even after he had been in the states for years, he jumped if a black Volkswagen passed him on the street. He feared anyone in uniform: the meter maid giving out parking tickets, a museum guard approaching to tell him not to touch his favorite Goya at the Metropolitan”(Alvarez 95). While in D.R. her father went through a lot, he lost his brothers to the comrades that followed after the dictator and after the fear they created that followed him. To him his brothers blood is on his hands and that is an image and feeling that no one can ever erase. Her father feared anyone in uniforms which is reasonable after everything he been through. As crazy as it may be, fear is what actually helped him adapt. Fear helped him because it allowed him to realize the difference between the two countries especially since he been trying to protect his family and watching his wife and children grow since being in
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