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Moving to a new country with a completely different culture than your own is very challenging to families. Adapting to a new culture and trying to raise kids with the new culture but still have them know about the other culture is extremely difficult. Moving to a new place forces people to eat new food, learn new sayings, and get a new and maybe different job just to fit in. It also doesn’t help that a lot of families are poor and have to start from scratch and try to make enough money. In “ Daughter of Invention,” the author shows that adapting to a different culture is challenging and is hard on families. In “Daughter of Invention” the family is struggling because the daughters and the mom want to become more American and adapt to the new culture but the dad wants nothing to do with it. He wants to continue to be the same person he was in the Dominican Republic. For example, the dad is not changing or adapting at all, “On his side of the bed my father would be conked out for an hour already, his Spanish newspaper draped over his chest…” (Alvarez 10). This shows that the dad cares more about what’s going on in the Dominican Republic then in America. The mom on the other hand is trying to adapt to…show more content…
It is very rough on families, as demonstrated in the story. It is very important for families to stay close and helpful to each other during times like these. Families should stay close in all tough situations, including immigrating to a new country. In “Daughter of Invention” the family struggled and they fought a lot, which did not help them in the big change they are going through. Most of the family, with the exception of the dad, tried and succeeded for the most part to blend into the culture. This story shows people who might not know a lot about how immigrants live, the unexpected issues they have and the unfavorable effect it has on the family’s

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