Daughter Of Smoke And Bones: A Literary Analysis

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As I turned the next page of the book, I gasped and watched as the book fell from my hands to the hard wooden floor. Laini Taylor, the author of the Daughter of Smoke and Bones trilogy, has done it again. I proceeded to pick up the second installment of the trilogy off the floor as I marveled on how she does this in every story she writes. Laini Taylor is a fantasy, young-adult author who has a specialty in writing plot twists. Every single piece she writes, gives me, the reader, more pleasure than the previous. This feeling can only be experienced through books. Reading isn’t what most teenagers would call fun and they wouldn’t imagine staying in on the weekends just to finish up a series. However, to me, I’d be happy to marathon a series instead of going out with friends. Reading is magical; at least for me it is. From book to book, one could experience wizardry in one and royalty in another. Reading has given me remarkable adventures. It allows me to travel to places I’ve never been to and vicariously experience situations that I might’ve not experience otherwise. One day I could in outer space, trying to stop a meteorite…show more content…
As a reader there are many things that I get to see that the characters don’t. For example, I know that their story is finite-there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end. I also know that even though it may look dark for the character at a point, they still have till the end of the book to make it better. To me, this is an example of life. Like the characters of a book, we also have a beginning, middle and an end. Right now, I’m only at the beginning of my life and there may be times where things look gloomy, but I know there are still so many chapters and pages in my life waiting to be written; and within those pages, I know I have the power, like an author, to change things for a different
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