Daughter Of The Yellow River: Chapter Analysis

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Diana Lu, born in the time of a dark and confused period MaoZeDong’s Cultural Revolution in China was forced to leave their comfortable homes and middle class life in the city. She is a person who inspires others through her life story that she shared in this book “Daughter of the Yellow River, passionate and determined to create a better life for herself after all the struggles she’ve been through in her childhood days she had decided to have a life based on her own talents and dreams. She describes herself as a daughter of the yellow river, considered the mother river of China, being born, raised, and educated in CHina, she was shaped by the culture and traditions of that great land.

Chapter Summary

Chapter 1 ( Coal Mining Village)

In the time of MaoZeDong’s Cultural Revolution in China, families like Diana Lu’s were being uprooted from their homes and were forced to relocate long distances away into a remote rural place filled with poverty and despair. It was a devastating experience that their family had been through, her parents fought constantly because of the result of fear, hopelessness, and paranoia they were experiencing. The life she lived is full of experiences, some are good; some are bad but all of them are part of the creative process of
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Diana landed in job she wanted after 8 months of hell, she now teaches at Northwest Minorities University, the persistence mold her as one of the solid foundations for her to become who she is today. After 2-3 years of working she plans on taking more adventurous job and experiences taught her to use obstacles as teacher land her motto in life, “You never know until you
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