Daughters Of Dark Root Analysis

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Daughters of Dark Root is a series of paranormal novels by the American novelist April Aasheim. Aasheim has made a name for herself as one of the best paranormal novelists to emerge from the United States in the recent past. Her very first novel in the series was the bestselling novel The Witches of Dark Root first published in 2012. With the critically acclaimed novel attaining early commercial success, April has published a novel every year since. The series of novels is set in the village of Dark Root, a town where every person had the opportunity to become whatever they wanted to be. The series of novels has a lot to do with her childhood in which she spent a lot of time traveling around the country with her get rich quick stepfather and…show more content…
Unlike most of its contemporaries, the series gives a backstory to each of its witches, which gives it a more realistic feel. It could arguably be said to be one of the most character driven paranormal novels, as its focus is the relationship between the lead protagonist Maggie, her possible love interests, her boyfriend, her mother, and her three sisters. April Aasheim shines in the depiction of relationships particularly between Maggie and her sisters. The jealousy, protectiveness, co-dependence, adoration, sibling rivalry and all sorts of sisterly love and emotions make for such a thrilling ride. When it comes to a novel about witches, the Daughters of Dark Root has some of the best awesome magic you could ever find in a paranormal or magic novel. It has some great scenes when Maggie Maddock just lets go and embraces her powers that she had been suppressing for ages. All of the novels of the series also end with an excellent unexpected twist that most of the time the reader has probably forgotten by the time it is resolved in an explosive way. What makes these twists so important is that they make way for some interesting continuation in plot in the next novel in the
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