Daughters Of Liberty: Women's Role In The American Revolution

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The Daughters of Liberty The Daughters of Liberty was a group of women activists who fought for the freedom of the colonists from the British Parliament. They were a major factor in protesting against taxes and boycotting British goods. The Daughters of Liberty did whatever it took to free the Patriots from British rule. They accepted women from all ages and all backgrounds. The Daughters of Liberty were important to American history because the rebelled against the British, had influential leaders, and helped people better understand a woman’s role in society. The Daughters of Liberty rebelled against the British. They were one of the most influential Patriot groups during the American Revolution. They boycotted goods, signed agreements, and “organized spinning bees to spin yarn and wool into fabric.” (Brooks 4). At the point in the Revolution when the colonists started to boycott British goods, the Daughters of Liberty took matters into their own hands. Because of the shortage of goods, the Daughters of Liberty made fabric which was converted into many items for the Patriots to use during their time of need. This group of women was extremely influential when the colonists’ started to boycott tea. On top of boycotting tea, the women signed…show more content…
Back in Revolutionary War times. People thought that a woman’s role was to raise law-abiding children. The Daughters of Liberty still took on this role, but they showed that women could do much more than just stay at home, raise children, and do chores around the house. Women like Deborah Sampson showed that women could fight for their freedom, just like men did. By signing agreements, boycotting goods, and helping out a good cause women proved that they could take charge and do anything they put their minds to. One might think that men had the greatest role in the Revolution, but women had an equal role in making the Revolution
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