Dauntless The Movie Belonging

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A nation lets one feel a strong sense of belonging in which they can truly express their existence. The pride that citizens have for their country is what gives them the strength to pursue their or their leaders’ desires. Another effect of nationalism is where society is brainwashed into doing what is wrong, such as a massacre to an innocent nation group. Due to this effect the society members cannot be blamed for an act considering they are only obeying their leader. They also cannot be blamed because they have a loyalty towards to their country and a duty in which they have to save their country from any sort of threats. The people who have formed their national identity in the movie are seen to be influenced to do as they are ordered by people who are in power. This is due to an individual’s obedience to authority, loyalty to their nation and because of their national identity. When one is satisfied with their nations, whether it is chosen by a…show more content…
At the beginning of the movie when they had to choose which faction they choose, Tris had always admired the Dauntless, hence, she chose that faction. In time when everything began to unfold to her, where she would feel like she doesn’t belong, she was sure that that was not her national identity. She did commit to Dauntless when she jumped off the roof, that she is a Dauntless and she would stick to everything it brings her. In reality, she actually didn’t belong with anyone but her family, even though she never wanted to be Abnegation but her family is who made her who she is. Where she could feel like she belongs, same goes for Four, he could pretend that he fit in with the Dauntless even though he was one of the rare Divergents like Tris. Since Tris realized that Dauntless is not her nation even though she committed to it, she Their national identity were completely different from the rest, their authority were the people they truly
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