Dave Barry's The Road Warrior

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Dave Barry’s “The Road Warrior,” is a narrative essay about the rages in American society today. The writer uses a humorous tone to reach the intended audience of the Miami’s people who experienced some sort of rage. Barry states that his thesis is, “if we’re going to avoid unnecessary violence, we all need to ‘keep our cool’”(93). His essay is personal because I experienced the rage “Way Too Many Product Choices Rage,” that was mentioned in the essay. His narrative essay shows that he can insult the readers without them getting angry with him because of his humorous tone. Barry begins his essay with reasoning. He asks a question and then answers it right after. For example, he asked the question “how widespread is road rage?”(92), and he answered it with “researchers for the National Institute of Traffic Safety recently did a study in which they drove on the interstate highway system in a specially-equipped observation van”(92). Dave Barry considers himself and the minority of his intended audience in Miami to be considered normal. He despises drivers who “drift along on the interstate at the speed of diseased livestock and tailgate cars to be testosterone-deranged…show more content…
He uses reasoning, credibility, and mostly emotion to get to the point he made is, that in order to avoid unnecessary violence people need to “keep their cool” and ” be more considerate” or otherwise Dave Barry will kill you (93). When Barry says he will kill you he means that if he gets road rage on the road he might cause an accident that could lead to him or the other person's death. He used a study report about how widespread road rage is, to show his reasoning. Capitalizing words in his text shows his emotion to the subject. He gives credibility to the tiny minority of normal Miami drivers. The rages that he mentioned in the essay was road rage, parking lot rage, shopping cart rage, and way too many product choice
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