Dave Burd Short Biography

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Dave Burd was a 29 year old man who was absolutely fascinated by vehicles of any kind; gas, hybrid, electric, etc… He always thought he would be a good racer even though he hadn’t participated in a single race. One day Dave was doing his normal routine. He woke up ate breakfast brushed his teeth and went to work. He had a rougher day at work that day. Seeing as he worked at a local grocery store at 39 years old life had to be rough as it. That day he was fired for being late. Ridleys was his only source of income because his parents quit helping him and his girlfriend left him. He was officially depressed. Dave was living off of very cheap food like strip club spaghetti and any water he could get. He feared he hit rock bottom at only 29 years old. He was homeless and barely even living. One day dave got out of his sad, moldy, disgusting under the highway with the other bums, when he stumbled across a $10,000 give away at the local theater. The theater was very popular throughout the U.S.A. They pulled in…show more content…
He was just finishing up getting reading he was strapped in and ready to race when he saw one of the fellow racers pull up in a rare Audi Quattro S1. It had a turbo charged wr6 that made 990 WHP. The driver of the car was Calvin Cordozar, and he has been in the game for 20 years. He asked, “ How did you get an Audi Quattro”! “Well I got it in Germany from a man named Jürgen Schneider who lived in Stuttgart, Germany. He made the car himself in the Neckarsulm factory (Audi factory). He was getting rid of a couple of things in his garage and i asked him about the car and he said, ‘You know what I’m not getting any younger ill offer it to you for $20,000.’” “Wow that is incredible.” They started the race and the race went super well. The only damage Dave haad was a dented fender from berraling into the mud. He got the news later that he had won the second place prize of
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