Dave Cutler's Accomplishments

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For the engineering profile assignment, I chose to write about a well-known computer scientist Dave Cutler. As I am a computer science major myself, I decided to dig through his information and found out that he developed multiple operating systems as a software developer. Due to the marvelous operating systems he has created over his long career, he has been heavily praised as one of the most brilliant minds of operating system development. Reading the intriguing information on his accomplishments in operating system development made me feel inspired in writing about him and enhanced my love for computer science in general. Thus, an innovative goal just popped in my head and it was to design an operating system for any multimillionaire corporation to raise the potential of tangible…show more content…
To me, engineering is a discipline full of numerous rewarding possibilities such as a high amount of salary right after earning a bachelor’s degree from a university. Furthermore, engineers are able to solve worldwide problems by utilizing the application of mathematics and science combined. In this process, engineers are tasked to simply analyze a problem using their intellectual and critical thinking skills and then come up with a solution to the primary problem. Therefore, the dream and quest of becoming a software engineer after college graduation has actually grown into a larger temptation for me. The software engineering industry is one of the brilliant environments of engineering where I can develop and test programs for the sake of benefiting mankind. This industry is also a far exceptional place for maximizing my analytical skills, enhancing my mental capabilities, and even solving daily problems which I will encounter in the future. I have become more determined and meticulous in order achieve my quest as I will not falter at any challenge that is thrashed at
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