Dave Eggers The Circle

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Have you ever imagined what a promoter has to do before going up stage and presenting or have you considered how some the audience reacts to the product? The novel, The Circle, written by Dave Eggers describes a young adult female, Mae Holland, who begins her new work in the company known as The Circle. Now this company is not any normal everyday company, it is a monopoly information company where all the information flows directly into this building. Now Mae started out as a customer service examining the goods and describing how she feels about it or how they could be improved. Then after a few months, she became a promoter for the company by leading new products, creating new products, and making unique enemies. The Circle is a great piece of a literature for a communication class because it covers audience analysis, accommodation, and multi-vocal society. Audience analysis is the process of determining information about the characteristics, knowledge, and interests of the audience. Throughout the novel, Eggers acknowledges different types of audiences. Those who would support the company and those who would go against the company. However, there are some cases of having self-selected audiences like when…show more content…
Audience analysis changes as you present done it well then they would support your speech, but done it poorly, then they would become more hostile or distant. Accommodations are made to prevent chaos, especially in presentation or working condition. Multi-vocal society is like communities that would accept the offer, but still consider if it is worth the price, same goes for presentations. Presenting is like learning how to ride a bike, do it the right way, it would be easy, but do it wrong, and you are on one hell of a
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