Dave Egger's Zeitoun: A Hero

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A hero is a courageous individual who likes to help people and gets satisfaction from doing so. Dave Eggers’ book Zeitoun is about a man named Zeitoun who decides to stay behind in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina,He makes the sacrifice to let his family leave without him which he later on regrets.After much consideration,it is obvious that Zeitoun is a hero. Zeitoun is a hero because he puts his own life before others. For example,on page 99 when Zeitoun heard an elderly woman crying for help after he finds her house,he dives into the water which is full of toxins in it,This shows how he would risk his own life in order to save another also when Zeitoun finds the pastor and his wife and he promised them that he would get them help,when he finds out they didn’t get it “Zeitoun w(ere) furious…..He’d made a promise to Alvin and Beulah Williams …..”his promise ha(ve)not been kept”.(137),This quote reveals that he strongly…show more content…
This topic invites us to consider whether or not Abdulrahman Zeitoun is a hero,I strongly believe that he is. Zeitoun does encompass the characteristics of a hero.Throughout the book he is risking his own life,whether it be to save people or dogs.If the world did not have heros where would be,If we didn’t have that person in our lives who don’t have superpowers,but their presences in your life saves you from sadness,That person could’ve saved you from suicide or depression,Abdulrahman Zeitoun may not have had superpowers but in my eyes he was hero for what he did during Hurricane
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