Dave Ivan Reitman Analysis

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Dave is the 1993 comedy, drama, romance directed by Ivan Reitman. It was produced by Ivan Reitman and Lauren Shuler Donner, and written by Gary Ross. It stars Kevin Kline playing the double role of David Kovic who runs a temporary employment agency, and as President Bill Mitchell. It also has Sigourney Weaver in it playing the role of the Ellen Mitchell, the First Lady. This movie is about how Dave gets the chance to run the United States government, because he looks exactly like Bill Mitchell, and about t the different actions he decides to take. Release on May 7th 1993, it made $63 billion at the box office deeming it a financially successful film. When it was first launched, Dave was number 2 at the box office behind Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, but by it’s second week it jumped to…show more content…
Throughout the movie they used many people in their actual real life jobs, including many media personalities and politicians. There were scenes including Senators Christopher Dodd, Tom Harkin, and Howard Metzenbaum as well as scenes with Larry King, Jay Leno, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Senator actually gave their opinions on what the president was doing in the movie, while the media personalities discussed what they thought of the president like they actually would. Another aspect of this movie that I liked was the overall message of the it. That message would be that if the people who have the most power in a country actually used it correctly and for the greater good without trying to be political, then more things could be done. Throughout Dave’s time as the president he did all the things he wanted to do that would benefit people, without having to think about the politics behind it. He took action and cut parts of the budget to be able to fund the homeless shelter, because he knew that was the right thing to do. However, it is usually not that simple in real
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