Dave Kovic Leadership Style

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Dave had many twists and turns not seen in normal lives. We see the sudden death of the President of the United states, to corruption in our highest parts of government, and even a small accountant changing America’s fundings to save millions of the homeless’ lives. Dave is a happy romantic comedy starring Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Frank Langella, and Kevin Dunn. We start the movie and see the lives of two very different and very similar people, the sweet and caring temp agency operator Dave Kovic, and Bill Mitchell, The President of the United States. The one thing they had in common were their looks. Dave and Bill looked so similar that Dave would impersonate the president as a side job. The obviously lived very different lives, until Dave was needed to impersonate the President for the secret service. He was used as a decoy while the President left to have an affair with one of his secretaries. While he was having his affair he was hit with a huge stroke, causing him to go into critical condition and in a coma. That’s when Dave came in. After the…show more content…
Dave managed to stay “pure” while being around the toxicity of another politician, Bob Alexander. Dave was not only able to avoid corruption, but he also was a genuinely good person. He spent his life helping as many people as he could as a temp agency operator finding people in need the jobs that were necessary for them to survive. We can see huge differences between the personal integrity of Dave versus Bill and Bob. Dave legitimately tries to help people while Bob and Bill are driven by other motives like money and power. Everyone has their own drives in life and some of us our genuinely good people, but with good we must have bad, and we do, we have truly awful and despicable people in our
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