Dave Pelzer Essay On Child Abuse

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First off this book is incredibly disturbing telling you things that you would never think could happen to someone, none the less a kid. It’s written by Dave Pelzer who is the child who had to go through all of this. His perspective and message behind this book is child abuse is happening and it’s worse than we think. It was written in 1995, and it’s meant for all who are willing to listen about what he went through and what’s happening around them. This book is extremely reliable taking you through the experience of child abuse through the eyes of one of the worst cases I’ve ever heard of. The Author starts the story with his rescue, he tells of how he was sent to the school nurse after coming to school with a bruise on his head from being slammed into the kitchen counter for…show more content…
This is when his nightmare began his living hell started. He isn’t clear on what happened to change his mom and he never will most likely. His mother Catherine’s drive to insanity was very much unnoticed her husband was a fireman and was away for many days at a time. She favorited her other kids while she found any excuse to punish Dave. The older he got the worse it got, Slapped, Smashed into a mirror made to repeat “I’m a bad boy”, Made to look for something for hours for something that has “gone missing”. This grew into denying him food, being forced to sleep on a cot in the basement, Wearing the same clothes that were torn or tattered to school every day and being referred to as “the boy” or “It”. In spite of these awful things there were many many things that were far worse that happened to him. Turning on the stove burners and making him lay across the stovetop naked. Making him drink ammonia, drink Clorox, and don’t forget the stabbing. The most messed up thing is that this is all true this all happened to a kid that wasn’t even a teenager yet. The author knows he can beat her at times and at others he has to not fight it to stay
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