Dave Pelzer's Childhood

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Everyone in life, has faced many difficulties, it's a part of growing up. Many people however, do not have the same issues to overcome. A superb example, would be a man named Dave Pelzer. He has gone through the most brutal childhood ever imagined. He had, of course, overcome this difficult obstacle and he became very fulfilled with his life. He had gained fame from his book titled A Child Called It. The book was based on the harsh realities of his early life and what his childhood was like. In his earlier years, he had a rough childhood. What he went through during that time was worse than what most people go through in a lifetime. As a little boy, he had an alcoholic mother that called him ‘it’ and she had abused her own son in myriad ways (Ashley Wright). He had spent years suffering with his mother's abuse, he was beaten, poisoned, malnourished, burned, degraded, and was isolated from the rest of his family (Hewitt). He had written about his suffrage about when he was in between the ages of four to twelve (Pat). About how his mother, Catherine, “burns his arm over the kitchen stove, smears a feces-stained diaper in his face, makes him vomit and then eat it, stabs him in the stomach, starves him for ten days, makes him drink ammonia and separates him from his four brothers, who…show more content…
His first three books were on the New York Times bestseller list for nonfiction paperback for 448 weeks in total (Pat). He had enlisted in the Air Force and served during the Gulf War; he also became a dedicated volunteer and won many awards such as the California Volunteer of the Year, before he even wrote his famous book (Hewitt). After his book was published, he had written six more books that made it to the bestsellers, it combined memoirs and inspiration for self-help (Hewitt). He had become and inspiration to many people and children to help themselves and find the courage to do
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