David And Goliath Comparison

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The story of David and Goliath has been told for hundreds of years and has been a symbol of courage and braveness. The main character of this story is a man named David who was tasked with the challenge of killing the ferocious beast “Goliath.” David was considered the underdog of this ferocious battle since there was no probable way that a mere human could defeat such a mighty beast. To many peoples surprise David arose the victor of a bloodthirsty battle and was known as a brave and courageous hero since. So many people were in awe of David’s mighty victory that sculptors of different time period decided to capture this moment for all to see. We are going to mainly focus on Michelangelo’s David, and Bernini’s David. These are considered two of the best sculptors to ever have existed on earth, and they both used their unique style of art to create the same image. A huge difference between the two artists and…show more content…
Both have a sense of motion which gives the viewers the sense of the sculpture actually moving. Each sculpture even has the same expression of tension across their faces. The difference is that one sculpture is right in the midst of battle and the other hasn’t even decided whether to fight or flight. We even have one David striped of all cloths where the other is fully clothed. One of these David’s was made to be a life-size human being where the other was made to be much bigger. Most of these differences come from the time periods that each artist lived through and you can defiantly tell that these periods had a huge impact on their art and art styles. Each piece of art had many similarities which are what make these sculptures great, but it’s really the differences of each piece that really gives each sculpture its own special flavor of
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