David Battone Not For Sale Summary

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The book I am reading is Not for sale by David Batstone; a journalist who seemed highly fascinated with human trafficking and slavery. David is co founder and president of Not for sale, furthermore he was a civil rights activist with the plan to inform others how to avoid the global slave trade. One major reason for the writing of this book was due to the fact he was an anti-slavery activist wanting to explain how to be aware of human trafficking. David wanted to write the book knowing abolitionist and others are struggling to end this appalling epidemic which he thought would be strenuous. Batstone believed all people should be free to live which he looked upon as a major reason for the book as a remedy; for the lacerate ones who’ve lost it all David batstone is identical…show more content…
Before reading the book I figured it would be more a story line, however it’s in like manner to a documentary. I questioned if the book was going to mainly be about the hardships of slaves (which it mostly is). I chose this book due to my high fascination with slavery. I worship to learn about the hard times blacks went through (mainly slaves). I feel as if I’m not only learning more about my history, correspondingly I’m enlightening myself on how I could’ve been treated, comparatively what some of my ancestors probably went through. I hoped to learn more about what the innocent bystanders were doing to help avoid and fight the global slave trade. I wanted to know if there was a real valid reason for why freedom was being taken, I hoped that the book opened my eyes to the reality of slavery. Not for sale by David batstone is a nonfiction book about real stories of
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