Bowie Research Paper

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4. The name Bowie In the first years of his music career, David goes by the name of David Jones, his real name. The problem with his stage name starts when The Monkeys band member David Jones starts a solo career. Their names are similar so David Bowie decides that it is the right time to swap his last name with something more American. Because he was fascinated with America and all things American, going through American history, he stumbles upon 19 Th century pioneer Jim Bowie the inventor of the Bowie knife (how cool is that) and settled for the name Bowie. The legend was born. He will be definitely bigger than Bowie knife. 11:02 5. Space oddity The idea of writing Space oddity Bowie gets after watching Kubrick's film Space Odyssey 2001, and in his own words, completely stoned.…show more content…
Ziggy and the Spiders from Mars Ziggy Stardust the alien rock superstar from outer space that blows everybody minds in 70's. The ultimate rock star that brought rock into the glam era. He was the character that made Bowie famous. Everybody wanted a piece of him. And who can better explain the concept of Ziggy Stardust if not Bowie himself: "I wanted to define the archetype messiah rock star. That's all I wanted to do. I used the trappings of the Kabuki theater, mime technique, French-New York music, it was British view on American street energy. So Ziggy was for me really simplest thing, it was what it seems to be, an alien rock star, and for performance value I dressed him, and acted him out, I left it to that, but other people re-read him and contributed more information to Ziggy than I put into him".(link1) David said on many occasions that "you don't have to be the same person every time you go on stage", and he admits that writing music for himself was extremely hard for him, but he finds it easy to write for the artists that he would create.(link 2) So there is another valid and practical reason for creating this alter
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