David Brodwin's Unsustainable America

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Each person has the power to influence the world. David Brodwin (2015) in the article “Unsustainable America” describes the situation of American consumers toward sustainability compared with other consumers from other countries that are interested about this issue. Thus, Brodwin explains the reactions of the people in some countries about the sustainably produced. In fact the article has interesting points with cataleptic and objective tones, but the author has biased through the benefit for America. The consumers have the ability to increase the environmental sustainability. When National Geographic researches about this issue, it got the statistic from many consumers around 18 countries (para.4.5). So it found a few of American consumers able to live sustainably, and they feel not so much guilt. In the contrary, the consumers of Chains and India promote to live sustainably, and they feel more guilt (para.6). However, the people cannot live sustainably without awareness about the sustainability and…show more content…
Moreover, the author’s tone was cataleptic and objective when he began his article with “Consumer preference is shaping up as a powerful force to promote environmental sustainability” (para.1). He used the words shaping up, powerful and promote to affect a reader to keep reading, and giving a person more cataleptic about the sustainability. Also, he finished the article in the same tone when he says “And as they do, they will develop economies that operate more efficiently than ours, producing more output while using fewer resources” (para.9). Here, Brodwin gives a reader some results in future.Thus, the author was so motivating to make the reader interests to be one of the people who willing to live sustainably and to support the ideas. Additionally, Brodwin explained many consequences that affect the reader to be convinced in the topic. In essence, he broached the subject by difference tones to impact his aims in the

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