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The ongoing process of striking a balance between one’s work and demands of life, including marital status have become a challenge for most professionals. So, in the spirit of being part of the solution, I took some time to compile some of the fundamental lessons I’ve learned to date as well as the best of the advice I’ve gotten from experts. These lessons are not rules or absolutes they’re a snapshot of what’s worked for me so far and food for thought. However, the two op-ed pieces by David Brooks and the Young Money chapters caution us to the value in maintaining a work and life balance. We must be explicit about this in the mission that informs our work culture. While enthusiasm and drive to succeed at what we do and earn are hallmarks of personal and corporate success, these should not be at the expense of one’s life. There is ample evidence demonstrating how a work culture that values output above all…show more content…
Brooks emphasizes the importance of healthy relationships in mitigating the negative impact of professional setbacks. Knowing your best interest to strive for success, you must be careful not to be blindsided by the high’ stakes work environment and forget yourself. In the article, “The Praise of Dullness,” Brooks sites CEO traits that lead to success such as, attention to detail, persistence, efficiency, analytic thoroughness, and the ability to work long hours. These skills link to success; however, I caution against the attention he places on working long hours, and advise moderation, because this can adversely impact one’s efficiency and
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