David Bruck The Death Penalty Analysis

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In his essay, "The Death Penalty," David Bruck hypothesizes that the American people will eventually find that the death penalty is not the best way to punish a convicted murderer. Bruck develops this hypothesis by countering all pro-death penalty arguments with previous cases and specific statistics that apply to the argument. David Bruck's purpose is to persuade the readers to think for themselves on the topic and use what they know as a basis. Bruck uses an educated tone to establish credibility with the reader. He takes apart the views of the local mayor in an attempt to prove anyone wrong who might disagree. The author immediately establishes all counter claims and knocks them out of the way in order to change the reader's opinion. He…show more content…
I believe that the men who commit murders should be treated just as they treated their victims. They do not deserve the luxury of life and they should be put down as soon as possible. The men who commit these crimes take away their rights when they decide to take the life of another human being. Regardless of the hardship that courts must go through to end the lives of terrible men, it is the price you pay to ensure that these men will never be on the streets again. Putting them to death prevents the risk of prison attacks along with prison escapes. Additionally, these men may be let out on good behavior before their life sentence has been served and cause havoc in their cities once again. The death penalty can improve in its efficiency, its effectiveness and its certainty, but it is no doubt the best way to take care of the men and women who take the lives of innocent civilians in our country. The use of a life sentence simply does not do the job that the death penalty does. These men will have relationships in prison along with human interaction and other quality moments that they do not deserve. They should be taken off of this Earth just as they took their victims away from their families. Anyone who would argue that the men should be given more chances to appeal to the court do not understand the amount of money that it costs to put someone on trial. These men are taking money from the government every day that they are kept on this
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