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In today’s society there are many ways to bring change. In “Hashtag Activism, and Its Limits” by David Carr, we can see the different ways that change may or may not be accomplished. Social Media is a modern day technology used not only as form of expression for many, but also as an outlet for cries of injustice. The word activism is defined as “the policy or action of using bigger is campaigning to bring about political or social change.” However, activism is not only about what a person says but also about what a person does. Through these articles and by analyzing the movements #BlackLivesMatter and the Ice Bucket Challenge we can figure out how and when is change really possible. We must first look at how these organizations use social…show more content…
Using ideas from each article can help turn individual power turn into societal change. Whether it 's to change the law or to simply raise funds to help a cause it 's about what people do in the moment and how they prevail. Carr states “Sure, hashtags come and go, and the so-called weak ties of digital movements are no match for real world engagement. But they are not only better than nothing, they probably make the world, the one beyond the keyboard, a better place.” (Carr) This shows that activism through social media is only the first step to making a difference. In order to truly create change it requires involvement off the keyboard and to get others involved in these…show more content…
We can analyze both of the movements (#BlackLivesMatter and the Ice Bucket Challenge) and see how they reach people and lead to change. Not every cause is the same however every cause is important to someone somewhere. Change starts with individual will and taking a stand for what that person believes in. Not only taking individual action but passing on the message in whatever form suits best is the way to create change in society.

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