David Christian's This Fleeting World: A Short History Of Humanity

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World history can easily be considered one of the most broad subjects in any degree of study in today’s vask solar system of knowledge. There is universal epiphanies to discover as “modern” technology continues to boom like the universe did 13.7 billion years ago (prequel) in its own trial of historic advancement and discovery. To even grasp the concept of world history could take inestimable time. However, David Christian managed to capture world history and its essence in his short analysis This Fleeting World: A Short History of Humanity. His goal was to inform people of all prospects a brief and compressed version of history, embodying the evolution of how humans came to be. Christian utilized the techniques of formating, statistics, and…show more content…
He used the three eras to separate and compare each chapter illustrating timelines (82) and additional information to successfully guide the reader through the book ensuring the most comprehension possible. Christian took advantage of as many literary techniques conceivable to explain the course of world history in a concise publication using footnote like additions (listing Topics of Further Study and multiple clear images) to display his broad spectrum of material (49). Titles and headings were additionally confine separating paragraphs of the book adequately to quickly lead the reader from one topic to another. This Fleeting World effortlessly escorted details of Village-Based Societies and Demographic Dynamism to the Growing Gap Between Rich and Poor and Improved Opportunities for Women simultaneously within a single page (32, 63). Simple image captions (31) added visual interest to each specified material and boxes (54) furthered historic queries to linger upon. Christian’s flawless use of immacule formatting set the foundation of his recollection of world

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