David Courtwright's Forces Of Habit

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Look at the world and think about what has changed over the past centuries and see if we can determine why it has now become what it is today. Our history has plenty of technologies and other products that have risen in the past five or six centuries, but now have changed a bit that might not be good. Almost everyone has some type of habit in their lives that they deal with and some are worst than others, but a habit can lead many down the wrong path if the habit is used extensively. The book that I read was Forces of Habit and it deals with the history of alcohol to drugs that we know of today. It leads through the whole process of the products and how it has changed throughout the years. This book was written by David Courtwright and…show more content…
Each part explains something different about the drugs and how it has influenced millions of people. The first part is “The Confluence of Psychoactive Resources” and this section helps to explain what was products were part of this new revolution. The second section of the book is called “Drugs and Commerce” and here we get to read about the medicinal value, but also the psychoactive revolution. Then the third part of the book is called “Drugs and Power” and here it explains to us the power of alcohol and drugs. We also get to read what kinds of regulations have been placed upon the drugs. These three parts give a bunch of new information that we have never thought about before and it clearly is shown as being something globally historical. Being a major part of history that has now continued into today, there are several parts of the drug history that we already may know about…show more content…
Restrictions and the Prohibition became a thing and many people in the late 19th and early 20th century were questioning the objections to non-medical usage and it soon became a hot debate. Drugs were used for everyday use within industrial workers and laborers. Drugs today are either known as Licit or Illicit ones because we know which ones are actually okay to use in everyday life and then the ones that hurt people. Caffeine is used today worldwide, and it is legal, but only some of the drugs are this way. We still have the illicit drugs that will always be that way such as cocaine and meth. People will still use drugs for whatever reason it may be and probably not everyone will get stopped. This section it tells us that plugging in the gaps of the illicit drugs will be hard and some things will never get

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