North American Heroic Hero

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Diana Hernandez
Professor Linda Graham
Texas History 2301
The first paragraph "Was an American Hero's Death Tainted by a Typographical Error?" describes the biography of David Crockett, who had a reputation as an outstanding hunter and was widely known person. This article shows that the characters of the North American heroic epic such as David Crockett have some special features that allow viewing North American legends as a variant of the heroic myth. “Generations of Americans grew up on the story of his courageous last stand at the Alamo, where he went down fighting rather than surrendering to overwhelming forces” (Cox). It is noteworthy that after the official death of a politician in the Alamo, the Americans did not want
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Some scholars note that ideological myths parasitize on ignorance. "Many of these "new school" researchers now believe that he surrendered to Santa Anna's forces, giving up his arms and allowing himself to be taken prisoner rather than going down fighting with his friends” (Cox). The largest transformation of Crockett's image occurs in the 1950s in connection with new interpretations and the popularization of the image. This was made possible by the time lag between the life of Crockett and the generation of the mid-20th century. Society shows interest in the national past and its heroes, which makes the legendary frontier popular. Such myth-making often arises in connection with the lack of information, due to the fact that people simply do not know the history, are unfamiliar with historical facts and sources. Abolition of the liberal constitution of 1824, and most importantly - the abolition of slavery in Mexico in September 1829, were for American settlers, whose economy was an agrarian, unacceptable conditions of…show more content…
“According to the declaration, the Mexican government had invaded Texas to lay waste territory and had a large mercenary army advancing to carry on a war of extermination” (Steen). The US officially did not intervene in this struggle, although thousands of volunteers in the United States were recruited to help the Texans. Armed conflicts between Mexico and the Texas Republic made it possible to end not so much the annexation of the United States (under the agreement of December 29, 1845, Texas became the 28th state), but the US victory in the American-Mexican war of 1846-1848, which completely suppressed the resistance of Mexico, territorial
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