David Cronenberg's Auteur Theory

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‘Auteur’ is a French word for author. The director’s personal creative vision is been hold by the auteur theory that a director’s reflects in film criticism. Sometimes through the group process of making a film the auteur’s creative voice can be distinct enough to shine through even with all the interference in the studio. As the creator of the film in law, the auteur is the one who originally holds the copyright. Under the European law, as a result of the auteur theory, one of the authors in the film or the director is considered as the author. The person of my choice as a film auteur after much consideration is David Cronenberg. He is a famous film maker such as Michel Gondry, Alfred Hitchcock and so on. Moreover, Cronenberg is the principle originator of body horror for horror films. 1969 is the year when David Cronenberg started making films, since then he has never changed his style of making films. Besides that, body horror genre explores the reactions of the audience based on bodily transformation scenes taken place in the film. In this case the movie fly is known to be a body horror movie. For example, in the scene where Seth Brundle slowly changes into a fly after an error occurs in his experiment. Moreover, Cronenberg’s films were successful due to his uniqueness of making body horror films and also different compared to classical horror movies. Other than that, technology is one of the main criteria in his movies. He tends to merge technology with human,

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