David Dillard Analysis

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In the fifth paragraph, Dillard describes Rahm’s appearance and juxtaposes that to vivid imagery. At the start of the show, Dillard was, “Idly paying...attention,” when she saw a “medium-sized, rugged man, dressed in brown leather, all begoggled…” who happened to be David Rahm. These mundane details describe Rahm as an average, ordinary man, who great things were not expected. By using mundane details, audience members understand how Dillard did not pay any extra attention to Rahm because he appeared to be average. However, once Rahm was in the plane, his actions demanded her attention. When Rahm started flying, he “seemed to fall down the air...streaming beauty in spirals behind him.” This example of imagery juxtaposes to the previous mundane details in order to convey how once Rahm entered the plane, he became one with it.…show more content…
In the sixth paragraph, Dillard admits that once she saw his graceful movements, she had to “reluctantly” begin watching. By using this word, it implies that she never expected to witness anything worth her attention, and had to begrudgingly admit that Rahm deserved it. Her audience is alerted to a shift in her attitude and opinion about the show. Also in the sixth paragraph, Dillard creates multiple metaphors that establishes a tone of awed appreciation. To her, Rahm “ was like a Saul Steinberg fantasy;” and “the plane was the pen.” These complementary metaphors are created in order to continue her claims that Rahm was more than just a mere pilot, but an artist, and part of the art himself. Audience members understand how Dillard has become captivated with him, and how he is beginning to have an effect on
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