David Dunlap Case Study

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1. What were the legal issues in this case? David Dunlap a 52 years old African American male applied for a job as a boilermaker with the Tennessee Valley Authority. Dunlap v Tennessee Valley Authority was a discrimination case brought to the District Court of Tennessee by David Dunlap for suspected unequal treatment and disparate impact. The suit claims that the Tennessee Valley Authority singled out Dunlap because he was African American. Dunlap had twenty years of experience as a boiler maker; he also had an outstanding record as an employee. Dunlap tried to gain employment with TVA he was more than qualified and did not have anything to negatively affect his chances of employment (Walsh, 2010.) The TVA had 10 positions to fill. Mr. Dunlap…show more content…
(EEO, 2012) Dunlap actually proved that TVA deliberately singled him out because of his race, therefore he succeed in his claim. During the interview, Dunlap stated that his attendance record was excellent with just a few absences due to family emergency (sickness); he then was given a 3.7 while two Caucasian applicants that listed the same reason were giving a score of a 4.2 and 5.5 correspondingly. Another incident was when Dunlap earned four (4) for his immaculate safety record while a white applicant received a six even though his record showed two accidents and overall his record was not as good as Dunlap’s record. In addition Dunlap was able to present evidence of the TVA discrimination against African Americans. Fellow African American applicant William Parchman assisted in this matter and testified that he had been rejected by TVA for years even though he had 30 years of experience, he was hired only after filling a grievance with the EEOC. Dunlap was able to induce the district court that his wide-ranging experience showed him to be more experienced than many of the applicants and that he was ranked with racial unfairness when it came to the interview portion of the selection process therefore signifying that TVA exercised disparate
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