David Foster Wallace's Essay: Ethics And The New Genetics

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Prepare For Future Some people say that human has to eat other creatures because human used too many years and experienced too many difficulties for standing on the top of the food chain. Humans deserve to eat other animals. In Buddhism, it publicizes that every life is equal. With this education, the Dalai Lama always thinks things in moral ways. Thus, he writes an essay called “Ethics and the New Genetics”. He thinks that this world is developing so fast. Human needs to slow down their steps and treat things in more moral ways. Also, when the other writer called David Foster Wallace went to the Maine Lobster Festival, he saw how heartless people treat with lobsters. Thus, an essay called “Consider the Lobster” was published. Wallace…show more content…
As the human, we stand at the top of the food chain. Thus, we can do whatever we want. We start to use animals to improve our lives. For example, we use animals’ furs to keep us warm in winter. Unfortunately, at the beginning of this cruel thing happens, the public just treat it as the luxury business since it is so expensive and not everyone can own it. People ignore how merciless hunters and businessmen are when they hunt and make those furs as goods for selling. With time going, people start to realize that killing uncommon creatures for people’s privacy desire is not a good thing. One of those people is the Dalai Lama. He declares, “We must be willing to be revolted when science—or for that matter any human activity—crosses the line of human decency, and we must fight to retain the sensitivity that is otherwise so easily eroded.”(139) The “human decency” here means that with the development of science, the ways people use science to gain profit for them are more mature than before. However, people use science without any judge. People ignore the respect of other creatures because people think it is reasonable to kill other animals and eat them. However, there still have several people stand out and claim for those poor creatures. Wallace writes in a sympathetic way when he connects the feeling of human and other creatures, “The reason it seems extreme to me appears to be that I believe animals are less morally important than human being.”(509) Since people think humans are the wisest creature in this world, the most important thing for humans lives in this world is to enjoy everything. Also, no other animals are as influential as humans is an inherent thought in humans’ brains. However, every life is equal. It is hard to give other creatures labels whether they are or are not morally important enough. Killing animals is a selfish and
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