David French Leaving Home Analysis

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Some families experience different forms of abuse. In David French’s play Leaving Home, the father gets abusive when his children don't listen to him. Even though Jacob can be verbally and physically abusive, I feel sorry for him because the family keeps secrets from him and he can’t effectively communicate his feelings.
One of the reasons why i feel sorry for jacob is because he's younger son, bill a keeps his engagement a secret from from him. jacob finds out about the engagement by finding rings receipt in the garbage. I feel bad for jacob because bill doesn't tell his father about the biggest thing about his owns sons life, I thinks this makes jacob really emotional and then is emotional get really tied up and he loose it. i agree with jacob losing it because he's so use to getting mad at his children that he just snapped it out. Another reason why I feel bad for jacob is because Ben is moving out without even telling his dad. He finds out from Minnie and gets angry.He says, “Why should I know any more what goes on in my own house than the stranger on the street? I’m only his father. I’m not the only one they confides in around this house, I can tell you. I'm just the goddamn old fool. That's all! The goddamn fool” (82). Because his son is moving
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I feel bad for jacob because he think that giving alcohol to his son that doesn't drink would change his son to become a better man. Moveover, Jacob can’t have a meaningful conversation with Ben without attacking him. When Ben refuses to listen to his father about not moving out, Jacob overreacts. He “whips off his belt”(103) and hits Ben with the belt six times.i feel bad for jacob because he didn't want to whip his son but he couldn't handle himself he just wanted to spend time with his son and drink some whiskey but since Ben doesn't like his father and Jacob knows that which ticks him off he just loses it. I feel bad for jacob because his family doesn't interact with
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