David G. Burnett Biography

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Barbers Hill Middle School North Mason Anders Coach Lopez 7th grade One of the most forgotten Texas heroes is David G. Burnett. Now I know what you 're thinking who 's that, what does he have to do with Texas, did he invent something.He is the first president of the republic of Texas, but before this accomplishment he was a nobody. Born April 14,1788 in Newark, NJ, He was the 14th child of Dr. William Burnett. When he was only three when his parents had died. When he was finishing up his final year at connally Jr. He decided to drop out. After this his brothers and the rest of his family that were alive still, were disappointed in him. They originally thought he was going to be a lawyer like the rest of his brothers, but decided he wasn 't interested in that idea. So he ended up broke and all alone…. Until with the…show more content…
With a positive attitude in adventure he found a man by the docks named Francisco de miranda. Who was trying to free his country from Spain 's grasp. David being broke and having a love for adventure ever since he was a child. Became the first person to sign up. Many people took him as an inspiration because of this so they ended up signing up for the trip. The mission ended up becoming a huge failure after many attempts. On his way back to the United States the other people who were on the mission with him ended up developing Yellow fever and coughing up blood. When he got back, he was ready to just give up, but he had found out that it wasn 't to expensive to start a trading post in Louisiana after
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