David Goes To School Book Analysis

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Part A
How to Be a Friend
This is the title of a book that was published in 1998 by the author Laurene Kransy Brown and the illustration was done by Marc Brown. This book is made up of 32 pages. Due to its brevity, it is appropriate for kindergarten children. The book is illustrated with funny dinosaur characters which try to explain various facts concerning friendship.
This book can play a very crucial role when it comes to the development of the reading and cognitive skills of the kids reading it. The story is accompanied by pictures which aid in the reading and understanding of the various concepts in the book. The illustrations in the book are lively and fun and this makes the kid to enjoy reading the book with a lot of interest and this
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We see that the penguin was so lonely that is seemed too lost to the boy. It wanted companionship only. The penguin and its loneliness teach the kids the importance of having friends who can support and offer companionship when one is lonely. The kids learn how important friends are and they subsequently learn to show empathy to those who are in need.
David Goes to School
This is a book that was published in 1999 by an author known as David Shannon. This is a story about a mischievous boy who is the source of havoc in a school which makes it really hard for teachers to manage the school.
The book promotes intellectual growth by showing children that is no good for them to be like David who did not like going to school. The book shows how hard David’s life is and this may influence the children to act in such a way that they behave well to avoid a life like that of the character.
The book also encourages children to love their school by being disciplined and acting in such a way they do not hinder the educational process. This will create a generation that has a positive outlook loves school and they relish education for it will make their lives better.
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It shows children helping each other and enjoying the company of one another.
Part C
How to Be a Friend: A Guide to Making Friends and Keeping Them
This is an illustration book about two dinosaurs. The book has funny explanations that keep the learning and illustrations lively and simple to understand. It talks of how one can handle issues like bullying, rejections or even arguments in friendship. There can be song and dance when illustrating the activities of individual characters and then role play should be involved where kids dramatize the content of the book like arguing and making up.
Look Out, Kindergarten, Here I Come
This is the story of a boy who goes to school but he is reluctant and does not know whether if he will stay or will go back home. However, on reaching school, he finds all his friends there and decides to stay and have fun. This book can create a musical where students sing about the boy and dance to show his initial reluctance and finally how he changes his mind and remains in school. A dramatic role play can also be initiated to show various parts of the story.
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