David Helfgott's Film Shine

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Scott Hicks is one of South Australian’s most loved and devoted ambassadors. The film Shine documents David Helfgott’s life as he progresses then deteriorates through emotional struggle, pain, and mental illnesses.

Welcome Scott, what was your intention of the film shine?
The intention of my film Shine was to take the audience to a dark and wounded place where they can see the negative and concerning condition of David’s life.
I wanted to show the audience how brave David was to continue doing what he loves and does best on his own without being pushed down by his much loved but pushy unpleasant father Peter. Although Shine was to take the audience to another place it was also to make the audience realise that there is a battle against ache and sadness but there is always a way to go to better places with determination for life and happiness. David has an amazing and talented but different story and I wanted to let others know and be touched by the life journey of David Helfgott.

Why did you choose to open the film with the image of David’s face highlighting his mouth, which showed him heavily mumbling?
I chose to open the film in this way to immediately capture viewers attention by
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A couple of examples of this were when the rain drops fell on the car windows that faded into children and families clapping without being too sudden in changing, which helped me switch into different scenes. I used David’s sweat as a symbol of hard work and passion when he was performing. The scene at the end of the film where David was jumping and playing around in the ocean water helped me use the symbols of happiness and delight. I found that this scene would help the audience to be understanding of the freedom David had and
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