David Hume's Ethical Altruism

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Altruism theory can basically be defined as an act that an individual performs, in order to benefit someone else. Altruism can also be known as Ethical Altruism. Furthermore, this specific theory speaks about the good deeds that an individual would undertake to help and benefit someone else, even if it requires the sacrifice of self-interest. The action that the individual would tackle would consider being morally right if the result would benefit the recipient than the person actually conducting the action (Mastin, 2008) . Majority of the time these actions that are performed by individuals are not only about doing good for other personnel but also to protect these persons them from being harm or getting injured in a certain situation …show more content…

Hume is known for his dominant systems of philosophical empiricism, skepticism, and naturalism. David Hume considered his self to be a moralist. Moralist however, can be considered as a person that teaches or promotes morality (Britannica, 2017). David views on Altruism and Self-interest was that we as humans care about the welfare far of others than of our own. He also stated that we have social sentiments, which basically means a particular feeling that connects other people to care about others welfare. As we care for the welfare of others, relating to this theory to a relevant issue in Belize would be an altruistically motivated James Bus line driver. This example is a precocious act that the bus driver must do in order ensured that none of the students going home gets injured. For example, when a bus is designated to go from Punta Gorda Town to Belize City and back, there are a number of terminals in which these buses should arrive at, in order to pick up or deliver customers. However, when approaching the terminal in Mango Creek; a school is located across the street from the terminal. When it is time for the students to go home and a bus is arriving, the bus driver would approach the terminal slowly; being extra cautious because he notices that they are children walking home from school and he wouldn’t want to injure anyone of them. The driver does this act simply because he cares

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