David Hume's Ideas In 12 Angry Men

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In the movie 12 Angry Men it showed many examples of Hume’s ideas such as skepticism, pluralism, relativism, and reasonable doubt. First let me explain what skepticism is, skepticism doubts the validation of knowledge or particular subject. Pluralism is the position that there are many different kinds of belief—but not all just as good as any other. Relativism is when the position that each belief is just as good as any other, since all beliefs are viewpoint dependent. Reasonable doubt is lack of proof that prevents a judge or jury to convict a defendant for the charged crime. They must provide proof beyond reasonable doubt to be proven guilty.
I believe that in this movie the jurors were being skeptical of the prosecution's story. This movie was based on a boy who is being accused of murdering his father and the
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Henry Fonda made more external attributions for the boy’s behavior. For example, Fonda commented on how the boy had been slapped around all his life and was treated nothing but poorly. This proves nothing about his character but the was he was treated growing up. Then there is another different belief Ed Begley had referred to the boy as a slum kid making him known as a judgemental/stereotype person. He tried to support the idea that there’s something about slum kids and they are rotten. See Ed’s explanation was not as good as the other guy who stated that the female eye witness had poor eyesight and therefore could of made a mistake in identifying the boy.
When they voted again there was one more voting for the boy not being guilty they assumed jack changed his vote because he came from same community bias. Jack did not change his vote it turned out it was the old guy who has wisdom. At one point in the video the angry man said I’m going to kill you! Then The other guy said you don’t mean that. This shows that people don’t always mean what they say this is reasonable
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