Social Function Of Religion

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The belief of a higher divine has marked people to do more good in the world. Almost the entire world is religious. Some of the well-known religions are Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. Religion can be defined as a particular system of faith and worship of a God. In the ancient and medieval world, the Latin word religio was understood as an individual virtue of worship, obligation toward family, neighbors, and rulers and even to a higher extent a God (Morreall and Sonn). Many have formally documented doctrine that organized religion and others established cultural practices such as folk religion. It has been believed that religion and philosophy are correlated. In the field of Philosophy, many have been examining the basic religious…show more content…
The purpose of being a believer is very meaningful to all of us no matter what religion we believe in. Religion creates this notion for providing us mental peace. With a peaceful mind and a support from a being separated by human’s strengths self-confidence in people as well. Confidence boosts because religion teaches us to work hard and with full dedication and honesty in work. There are social functions also performed by religion which extend because religion generates greater good for society in form of promoting social virtues like trustworthy, honesty, integrity, brotherhood, welfare for all (Sunil). Moreover, religions unite people and make them happy by providing them common festivals and rituals and give meaning to their worldly affairs as well as guide their actions. With the guidance provide by religion, people get to know their limitations and boundaries and therefore they restrain themselves from indulging in the wrong or unethical activities like robberies, crimes, extramarital affairs, and drugs. Religion gave people a meaning and purpose of life and created their history. Another function of religion is to provide recreation to its people by giving them festivals like Christmas when people meet with each other, enjoy healthy meals, celebrate and socialize. Another very important function of religion is that it influences the political system of a country. For example, politicians take oaths in the name of God and make a promise to their people that they will follow all the guidelines taught by their shared religion. Therefore, religion is a way for people to do good for their external and internal existence. Moreover, to have good morals and respect one another by having a peaceful mind and creating a peaceful world to live in. Thus, it is helpful to learn these practices at a younger age and to always continue these

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